No harm to the frog. 100% ethically harvested from Brazil. 


Where do you get your kambo and how are the frogs harvested?

The kambo I serve is from Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre in Brazil – located on the Juruá river.  I personally know and work with the harvesters that humanely and sustainably collect the kambo secretion from the frogs.  

  They go deep into the jungle to find frogs that haven’t been harvested before. Once located, the harvesters use a method that causes the least possible amount of stress to the frog.  The technique is only by hand  – with 2 people present – to gently hold the frog while the other person uses a small wood pallet to collect the secretion.  Only the first layer of secretion is scraped off, leaving enough for their natural protection from predators.  There is no harm to the frog during the process and is returned immediately to their natural habitat after the harvest.     Friendly Advice:  It is important to know who is collecting the secretion and what harvesting technique is being used.  It is our responsibility to the frog, as the receivers of this beautiful healing, to protect and honor the living vessel from which it comes from.  

How many kambo sessions are recommended?

Traditionally, the Caboclo people recommend taking kambo 3 times in a moon cycle, which means within 28 days.  Known as the kambo inoculation, kambo can be taken 3 days in a row, a few days between sessions, or a week between.  It’s a personal preference, along with what’s needed for the initial intention of the kambo ceremony ritual.

What should I expect during my kambo experience?

First, the practitioner will burn the first layer of skin in the form of circles, called gates. Then, the practitioner mixes up the kambo secretion with water, forms tiny points, and applies it to the gates.

The kambo experience can be very intense and uncomfortable, and the effects are almost immediate; but the good news is it only lasts between 15 – 30 min. The effects include a rise in temperature (the feeling of being hot), rapid heart rate and flushing of the face. This only lasts for a few minutes.  And, when the blood pressure starts to come down, nausea sets in, which causes most to purge in the form of vomit, defecation, or both. Other effects may include pain or pressure in the body, sweat, the feeling of cold-causing the body to shiver or shake, dry mouth, blurry vision, tingling, and frog face. Fainting is another natural occurrence during kambo, but do not fear because it is perfectly normal.

With all this said, the body starts to feel better after about 10 – 20 min, and regular eating and drinking are fine. Depending on the state of health, kambo’s real benefits will appear in a day or two, up to 5 days.

Kambô circulates in the heart. Our shaman said that when we take kambô it makes the heart move accurately, so that things flow, bringing good things to the person. It is as if there was a cloud on the person, preventing the good things to come, then, when it takes the kambô; it comes a ‘green light’ which opens its ways, making things easier. 

— from “Kambô, The Spirit of the Shaman” by Professor Marcelo Bolshaw Gomes

Kambo Bliss Retreat
Kambo Bliss Retreat

How to Prepare

  DO NOTTeat any food  8 – 10 hours before your kambo session.  Be sure to drink electrolytes  to stay hydrated and eat healthy foods a few days before your session – especially the day before.  Drinking electrolytes is the best way to prepare.  

 Bring a gallon of spring water (NO distilled water). 

 Wear comfortable clothing.  May want to wear layers as body temperature can fluctuate during a kambo session. (ex/ tank top and a hoodie)

 Think about what you want to get out of your kambo session.  (Create an intention)

Does Kambo Scar?

 Yes, but most people think the scars are cool! And, over time, depending on the skin type, the scar will fade or can be reused for another session after 2 – 3 months.

Kambo Bliss Scars


Test Kambo Point

This is the very first kambo session.  We burn 3 – 4 gates and only apply 1 point of kambo secretion to make sure there are no extreme reactions beyond the normal effects.  This is to ensure everyone’s safety and if everything looks good, the remaining  2 – 3 will be applied for a basic session.


Basic Kambo Points

A basic session is just allowing kambo to go where it wants to go, instead of targeting a certain area.

Layered Kambo Points

A gentle kambo experience where 1 – 2 kambo points are added at a time between drinking a few ounces of water.  This session is for:

People suffering from a condition that requires a less intense physical experience for safety reasons.

  People who desire to purge, but not feeling the call for an intense physical experience.


Kambo Ceremony

Meridian Kambo Points

In Traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are channels of energy running through the body and each energetic channel relates to an organ in the body.

Auricular Kambo Points

In Traditional Chinese medicine, auricular acupuncture points are used to stimulate and treat different conditions in the body.  The ear is said to be a microcosm of the body, which contains all the acupuncture points of the body.

Kambo Meridian Points
Auricular Kambo Points

Chakra Kambo Points

Chakras are the energy centers of our body. Our system comprises of 7 principal energy centers aligned along the spinal column that distributes Prana (life energy) throughout the body. If energy is imbalanced in one or more of these chakras, that area manifests as a struggle in life:

7.  Crown – Our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

6.  Third Eye – Our ability to focus on and see the big picture.

5.  Throat – Our ability to communicate.

4.  Heart – Our ability to give and receive love.

3.  Solar Plexus – Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.

2.  Sacrum – Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences

1.  Root  – Our foundation, feeling safe, secure and grounded.

Kambo After Care


 Take it easy.

 Eat healthy foods and drink normally.

Be gentle with your kambo burns.

 Don’t drink alcohol or smoke weed for 24 hours.

 Anti-depressants, anxiety meds and other meds – unless stated otherwise – can be taken 8 hours after the session.

 NO saunas, steam baths, or hot yoga for 24 hours after doing kambo.

 NO water fasts 7 days after kambo.

 NO Colonics, Enemas, liver flushes, or any water-based detox  5 – 7 days after kambo.


Kambo Healing Points

Other Information


Sananga or Bechette is a traditional Amazonian eye medicine that operates on many levels of healing: physical, spiritual, and energetic.  Known for its intense and chili-like burning sensation in the eye, the purpose is to get out of the mind and into the body before the kambo session. Most feel a calming effect afterward and are ready to sit with the frog.  The Sananga & Bechette process takes anywhere from 5 – 10 min.

Step 1: Collect the Root

Get your boots on and go into the jungle to find a shrub called, Tabernaemontana Sanana (TS).   Once identified, pull it out of the ground with the root intact.  Sananga is made from the TS root!

Step 2: Clean the Root

Before the process of making sananga begins, the roots must be scrubbed and cleaned.  Obviously, right?  Since it goes into the eyes! It is definitely a tedious process, but the time goes by fast when doing it with super cool people💚

Step 3: Shave the Root

Now, it’s time to shave the root with a knife.  Make sure you don’t cut yourself!  I’m pretty sure my hands were sore after this, but it was so fun to have a hands-on experience making sananga.

Kambo Bliss -Sananga Eye Drops

Step 4: Prepare Bowl #2

We need an additional bowl for this part.  With the root shavings in bowl #1, it’s time to  grab bowl #2. Place and secure a thin cloth towel over the opening of bowl #2 or envelope a cotten t-shirt over and around the bowl.

Step 5: Water and Sift the Root Shavings

Now it’s time for the fun part!  Add a heaping scoop of the root shavings on top for sifting.  Soak the shavings with water, allowing it to absorb into the roots and drain into bowl #2. And, this my friends is the sananga eye medicine 👀!

Step 5: Try it!

In all honesty, there’s nothing more potent and painful than a cloth dipped in FRESH sananga being squeezed into the eyes.  In the jungle, they don’t have eye droppers so this is how it’s administered.  Ouch Ouch! I think this pic says it all 😳 😫


Hape’ (also known as Rape’) is an ancient traditional Amazonian medicine that connects us to the spirits of the forest and energies of higher powers.  It’s often used for meditation and prayer in ritual settings and during kambo treatments to release blockages and facilitate purging.  Hape’ is also used for headaches, cooling down in the heat, relaxing the mind, sinus problems, improving concentration and focus, ground and center, lower blood pressure, and releasing energy blockages. 

Hape’ is a tobacco snuff made of leaves, seeds, spices, bark, oils, herbs, and flowers from medicinal plants, roots, and trees.  It is administered via the nose from a bamboo or bone pipe called Tepi.  The snuff is blown up both nostrils, one at a time, to harmonize and balance the energy of the forest.  

Step 1: Collect all the ingredients, burn and tamp.

The Caboclo men, from families we stayed with on the river, collected all the ingredients to make hape’ and prepared it for us so we could do the rest.  Tamping was my first assignment.  Great arm workout!

Step 2: Sift it

This part took a while.  We had to take turns because there was so much to sift through!  Gotta get all the big chunks out.  Or else that could be quite an unpleasant experience!

Step 3: Store the Hape'

After the sifting, it was all in powder form.  So we collected MANY plastic bottles to store the hape’.  

Step 4: Try it!

Mmmm fresh hape’ is amazing. I love serving it too!

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