I’ve done a couple of Kambo sessions with Jamie. She holds incredible space and is very nurturing during the purgative experience. I appreciate Jamie’s professional approach as a medicine worker. I always feel like I have her full attention during the ceremony and despite the challenges of working with Kambo Jamie’s comforting approach and care-taking makes the experience very much worthwhile. I’ll be coming back for future Kambo ceremonies with Jamie!


My husband and I had our first Kambo experience with Jamie.  We can say that Jamie’s love and respect for medicine is definitely felt during the process, which makes a difference in using such an intensely healing medicine.  The results in our experience were more than we expected, being a very efficient way of detoxifying and balancing the functioning of the body, which feels light, clean and full of energy.
Initially we were going to do just one session and when we saw the results, we ended up doing three days in a row.  We highly recommend the medicine of the Kambo, but even more, to experience it with Jamie.  She puts all her love to the service, making sure you feel comfortable and loved, allowing you to have an amazing experience in total harmony with your mind and body.
With love and gratitude,
Maria and Rodolfo

Hi everyone I’m Ramon! I’m 36 years old and I would like to share my great experience with Kambo since I started working with this incredible medicine.

It’s been almost three months when I first got my Kambo experience and the results have been impressive. My energy levels are totally up to the roof! I used to have really bad pain on my right foot, which is almost gone, along with muscle pain all over my chest for years and thanks to Kambo, I feel so much better! It’s worth mentioning that as the time goes by Kambo will keep working on things that I can’t see or feel and I totally believe the amazing power or healing that Kambo brings and for others who have the opportunity to try it.

I LOVE KAMBO and all the people who’s behind it.  I would love to thank Jamie (my practitioner) for  her great support and professionalism, for make me feel safe and secure during my entire Kambo session.


When a friend told me to try kambo, I was skeptical about it’s so-called “healing powers.”
I didn’t know what to expect for my first session. Jamie led us through a powerful, healing ceremony and burned 4 small gates on my arm. They didn’t hurt as much as I expected.

When the Kambo entered my body, I immediately felt nauseous and purged until I couldn’t anymore. While I didn’t love this process, it’s the after effect I fell in love with: after my first session, I felt a grounded sense of calm come over me I hadn’t felt before.

I decided to try it again to see if these effects were my imagination, or the Kambo itself.

The second ceremony was even more powerful than the first. I purged so much out of my system that I feel lighter, calmer, more grounded and able to handle stress more constructively.

It has also almost completely eliminated my desire to drink alcohol, which is a miracle considering I used to use it to unwind from a stressful workday.

Jamie is a thoughtful, caring and safe practitioner who creates a powerful container for the experience. I can’t imagine going to anyone else, and I’ll be doing Kambo on a regular basis now because I’m sold on its ability to truly ground and heal the body.

Jamie is an incredible Kambo practitioner with such a powerful and healing energy.  Jamie has a gift of being able to intuitively know how to work with you and the medicine. I just recently had a session at her home in Nevada City and camped out for a couple of nights on her property.  The region is spectacular filled with many amazing hikes, rivers, creeks, and lakes.

Not only was I able to receive an amazing session but I was able to decompress and integrate the experience by spending quality time in nature away from the hectic city energy.


As someone who struggles with social anxiety, I was really nervous to purge in front of a stranger. However, seconds after meeting Jamie, I felt comfortable, welcomed, accepted and loved. Jamie was also quick to respond to all of the questions/concerns I had before our session and took the time to answer them fully. I could tell right away how important it was to her that I felt confident, ready and safe before our session which meant a lot. I also struggle with chronic migraines so Jamie, being the knowledgeable healer that she is, decided to give me a layered dose which ended up being exactly what I needed! I decided to overnight camp at her Nevada City location which was amazing! She has such a beautiful property staying there really added to my experience. Also, the Brazilian kambo she serves feels very clean and powerful. I love that she knows exactly where her medicine comes from and how they harvest it! Kambo is such a powerful, important medicine that most westerners need to use in my opinion. I’m so grateful that the Bay Area has a practitioner as amazing as Jamie! If I could give her 100 stars I would! She’s one of the best healers I’ve ever met and will forever and always be my first-choice. Viva Kambo!


I found my way to kambo after a long journey of healing from complex PTSD. I knew once I heard about it and researched it, that it was something I had to try and the next step for me. I went to Jamie’s beautiful home in Nevada City for my sessions and the experiences could not have been better. Really they were life changing for me. Jamie is one of the most caring, thoughtful people I have ever met. She took me right in and treated me like family from the first minute I met her.

I was nervous at first about purging in front of a stranger but Jamie made me feel so comfortable and supported, I was able to trust and let go knowing I was in the best of hands. After my first session, I didn’t notice much which I later learned is normal. It was the second session that did it for me- I felt so much love and gratitude for my body, it was a life-changing experience for me. I really can’t put it into words. After my third session, it added on to the others and I have felt a feeling of God running through my veins. It’s a subtle feeling of trusting and being able to surrender to life more and having stronger boundaries. I feel more “in flow” with life. During each session, there were distinct messages that came through with the purging. Each pertained to areas in my life that I am working on changing but have lacked clarity on. The messages were so vivid, they helped me see my path more clearly. As if the fog has been lifted. Since kambo I have also had many moments of feeling my heart opening more, many times I have been on a hike or doing meditation and just started crying tears of joy and love at the beauty of life. This has never happened to me before! I have had moments for sure but it’s like this deep love for myself, animals, people, and nature.

The whole experience has really opened me up to life more and I honestly can’t wait to go back for my next session. I think I may be addicted to kambo! There is something so amazing and freeing about the purging process. You just feel lighter. Jamie makes the ceremonies really special by setting an intention for you and taking time to talk and answer questions. She has a very calm and patient way about her that makes you feel safe and truly seen. Jamie understands her clients and wants the best for them. I also stayed in her Guest cottage which was adorable, clean, and packed with everything I needed. Jamie checked on me during my visit to make sure I was comfortable. I felt so cared for and supported. She is such a beautiful person. I could not have been more well taken care of. She also fed me after my sessions, to settle my stomach with the best soup I have ever had in my life. I have dreams about This soup! Her partner is also so kind and welcoming and made me feel right at home. It was all an experience that I won’t forget. Thank you Jamie for everything, you are truly a gift!


Being new to Kambo, I was initially apprehensive about the experience. While the calling towards this work was clear, the experience of having Jamie introduce me was exactly the validation I needed. She offers an attentive and empathetic presence in a way that calms the nerves and helps get the most out of the relationship with Kambo. After now having done multiple sessions with Jamie, I can attest to her gift in guiding others through sacred healing. Whether in a solo session or a small group, Jamie’s intuitive style of leadership helps hold the space and create a safe sort of container for moving through the intensity of Kambo. Throughout the experience, there are times when I am so speechless that I feel incapable of asking for what I need. In those moments she is always one step ahead, precisely guiding and supporting…I know that I’m in good hands with Jamie. So very grateful for Jamie and for the healing potential of Kambo!


Kambo Kambo Kambo! Beautiful frog medicine served by AMAZING medicine practitioner Jamie. The circle always feels so serene and comfortable. The clarifications of the uses of this medicine are clear at the beginning of the ceremony and even when the purging becomes very very intense I stay connected within my heart through Kambo. The circles are heart warming and healing throughout the ceremony. Purging is the most common healing scenario for this sacred medicine and after every purge I feel my body, mind, spirit, soul and heart very light as this medicine is the work of love and light. It’s been a blessing to be a part of these circles and work with Kambo as it’s a real healing asset  to help me with my diet right before Ayahuasca Ceremony and other plant medicines. The healing I’m seeking always is amplified through Kambo and Jamie’s ceremonies, helping me stay focused and feel clean from all the purging involved. Most importantly it’s a blessing to have Jamie as she is very knowledgeable and YOUR SAFETY comes first as I always know I’m in good hands. Extremely grateful to be healing with Jamie and Kambo, such a beautiful compliment to this way of healing. Thank you! VIVA KAMBO!


When I first heard about kambo, I was immediately drawn to it and also very nervous.  Jamie put me at ease with her knowledge and experience with this medicine as she guided me through the process with kindness and support.   Working with kambo has been challenging, but it has also been immensely rewarding and I feel blessed to know Jamie.  It makes me so happy to have the opportunity to work with her and to walk the path of the kambo warrior!


I’d like to share this testimonial, while it’s fresh in my mind and my heart.
Jamie is a beautiful, compassionate spirit with a profound gift for healing. During my first experience with kambo medicine, she offered a grounded and insightful presence into my symptoms. More importantly she held sacred space for me to experience what I needed to feel in order to kickstart authentic healing in my gut, heart, and immune function. If Kambo is one of nature’s antibiotics, then Jamie is a sacred medicine woman.

AMAZING. Jamie is………..an earth angel. A spirit who is calming, caring, and very loving. She made this transformative and innovative experience a very easy one. Her methods, energy, cooking, and healing were all as expected, and beyond. I would recommend anyone trying plant medicine or exploring breath, meditation or EQ to reach out to her. She is wise and talented beyond this lifetime!

It is such a gift to receive this medicine in the sacred and safe space that Jamie creates. I have done sessions with Jamie in both the Bay Area and in Nevada County, and I was really blown away by how beautiful it is out in the country!! The nature and peacefulness of that part of California is breathtaking, and choosing to do my second kambo session there ended up adding to my experience so much. It kind of felt like being on a nature retreat, while my body was processing the effects of the medicine which are of course so transformative. This is such a life-altering service that Jamie brings to people, and she does this with the ultimate reverence and care. There is something that I am truly in awe of, which is her ability to magically identify vital information surrounding a person’s intentions that makes the experience so much deeper and more powerful. Both times while setting my intention under her guidance, I had breakthrough ideas and was moved to tears. I just have so much appreciation for the work that Jamie does, and for her beautiful, kind, and compassionate soul that shines so brightly while she is helping others along their spiritual paths and journeys of healing. So, so grateful for Jamie and her work, and for the medicine of Kambo.


The whole experience with Jamie was really incredible. I felt safe and welcomed from the moment I arrived! Their guest house was so warm and comfortable, which has a full kitchen an amazing view right out the back. There are also many things to explore and adventure locally in the area.

Jamie holds the space during her treatment sessions with grounded grace, understanding, and compassion. Her energy is wonderful and I would highly recommend it any one who is considering treatment or a wonderful place to stay!