Do you meditate?  Most people who do and have a consistent meditation routine will tell you they feel calmer and more relaxed in their daily lives.  I’m definitely one of those people too as I’ve been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 7 years and have experienced that subtle calm shift in my physiology from meditating twice a day every day.   Yes, there actually IS research and a science behind what’s happening during meditation and of course I can only talk about TM, but I know there has been research studies on other meditations as well.  That said, TM is actually a stress reduction tool and people who practice it consistently report feeling calmer, less stressed and happier because when stress is released from the body, the mind becomes quieter and less active.  For this, I highly recommend TM as a daily tool, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

I started this post talking about TM because in my view this technique – very subtly – “purges” stress from the nervous system and that’s why people experience such profound mental shifts over time.  Because, the more stress we have in our body, the more active our minds are.  Now think about dialing that purge up a 1000 times and taking it to a cellular level. Kambo does exactly that!  When kambo enters the body, the 9 identical peptides found in the secretion to human peptides, greets the human cell receptors as a natural substance and then enters the cell for a deep cleanse from foreign substances and stored emotions that the cell couldn’t process alone.  And, depending on each individual, the benefits of kambo can be felt right away or after a few or more kambo sessions.  Why?  Because our body is a storage facility, full of toxins and stored emotions, which can make our mind very active and sometimes negative as our mind and body are so intimately connected.  The kind of purging that kambo brings can speed up the process of quieting the mind and calming the body, because now there’s just a little less junk being stored, making room for healthy cellular memory and a happier and more peaceful mind.  Viva Kambo!