It was during my training to become a kambo practitioner when I got first-hand knowledge and experience on how much emotional junk our body stores without our awareness.  All the practitioners in training had to choose a kambo session – along with 4 or 5 others doing the same one – and do it in front of the group so we could observe how different individuals process different specific sessions.  I volunteered to do a full-on ear session and was super excited, yet very nervous because…well…it would all be in my ears and I didn’t really know what to expect!

So, the morning of, we met in our small practitioner groups to mark the location points in my ears, while discussing what I wanted to work on.  And, because it was an ear session, I didn’t need as many secretion points as I would if I chose another – we agreed with me doing 7 points total. My friend and practitioner-in-training, Lisa-Marie, was the one who would be giving me kambo and holding the space for my healing, which I felt really grateful for. She’s amazing!  Anyway, I already felt so good from doing so much kambo up to that point that I truly wasn’t sure where to go next; however I knew I desired a deep process since it was my final kambo session of the training.  That’s when Lisa-Marie spoke up and suggested, “Since you had a hysterectomy, why don’t we do an ovary and uterus point to clear the energy that still may be there?” Yes!  I LOVED that idea so we added those points to my ear and then made our way to the room where the kambo circle was being held.

As Lisa-Marie started putting the kambo points in my ears, I immediately began to feel the heat and the flushing in my face as pressure around my entire head began to throb. My abdominal area ached with pain as it forced me to hunch over to cradle my mid-section.  This didn’t feel like a usual kambo session as the “sick” body sensations were absent and the intensity was felt on both sides of my head.  Then, a few moments later, tears suddenly began to fall and before I knew it, I was completely sobbing  – experiencing one of the biggest emotional releases I’ve ever had in my life.  I couldn’t stop crying as flashes of me in the hospital after my hysterectomy surgery appeared in my vision. (Just a quick reminder that kambo is NON-hallucinogenic.  These visions were normal ones that we sometimes get during the day:) I felt my mom’s energy around me as if she was there holding space for me to cry.  My nieces and nephews showed up as I felt the love and gratitude of being their aunt and saying goodbye to something I didn’t know I needed to say goodbye to…my unborn baby? I thought I healed all this!  And, I did as much as I could have….as anyone could have.  But, the trauma in that area from surgery, stored its own emotional memory and although I hadn’t seen it manifest in the outside world, it was there and it’s been hiding for 14 years.  So, when kambo entered my body, I intuitively think it cleared that area and got the stagnant energy moving!   And, after several minutes of crying, I began to have an upward purge and tears at the same time.  Truly, it was one of my most beautiful healing experiences and I’ll never forget it.  I cried for another good hour after my session and it felt so amazing.  It was such a release I didn’t know I needed and now I feel so complete and actually really grateful I don’t have kids because I LOVE being an aunt and I LOVE my life the way it is.  Viva Kambo!