How can kambo help me break the story that’s been limiting me my whole life?  Great question!  And, it has everything to do with getting grounded to step outside our comfort zone.  Eeeeee….stepping outside the comfort zone?  Yeah, I know that sounds scary, right?  Sometimes it is, but I believe the most powerful and productive thing we can do to break limiting stories is by taking risks and getting uncomfortable.  And, believe it or not, the more we do it, the easier it gets.  And, the more grounded we are…well, you may start to thrive it in.  For me personally, I love the challenge of stepping outside my comfort zone because it makes me feel alive and purposeful, while building my confidence and moving me forward.

That said, what it means to step outside the comfort zone is taking actions that go against the actions that support that limited story.  For example, I lived the story that “I’m stupid” for 28 years and one of the many actions I took to break that story was starting a blog and writing about my life.  It was super vulnerable, especially because I had NO writing experience and it was an expression of ME, but that challenge was everything I needed for my growth and it opened the doors to my love and passion for writing.   Another action I took years later was taking a software engineering course so I could learn how to code.  Haha!  As you can imagine, it wasn’t my thing, but I learned so much about what I’m capable of and that things seem to be scarier and more intimidating than they really are.   So, yes…taking these types of actions at first can be very uncomfortable because we’re drawn to the familiar  –  what we’re used to – even if the action we take may not be the best thing for us.  But, since we know what to expect, we do it anyway!  We do this because of the human conditioning of fearing the unknown, the uncertainty in life, and the only way to break that deep programming is to step outside the comfort zone.

Yay and this is where kambo comes in!  Taking risks and stepping outside the comfort zone isn’t so bad when we’re feeling totally grounded in our body and out of the mind.  It’s really not so bad when we feel balanced, thinking clearly and our energy is alive and vibrant!  Sure, we may still feel a little nervous when taking that risk, but that’s all the excitement of being human and living life to the best we know how!  This is why I believe Kambo is a perfect tool for breaking old stories and patterns because when our mind is calmer and the body relaxed, the mental chatter and self-doubt doesn’t get in the way of taking that crucial step forward to get uncomfortable.  And, you know what the best part is?  If we fail or embarrass ourselves taking that risk, those kambo benefits make it easier to get back up, dust off, maybe even laugh a little and continue on until we start living a new happy story that’s FULL of possibilities!